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Reinforce Good Behavior of Your Bichon Frise with Rewards

Bichon Frise is a kind of breed which has tons of positive qualities that is why many people are fascinated with them. Aside from the fact that they are adorable, they have also the most profound way of showing affection towards their owners. This type of dogs are not difficult to handle since they have this loyal personality wherein they easily get along to those who show them love and care moreover their size is not that big which makes it ideal for those who are fond of carrying their dogs. However, just like any other dog breeds there are certain areas that you would want to improve. Teaching Bichons good habits and tricks will not be a problem since they are fast learner and can be trained easily. Bichons are quick learners however you need to exert effort and patience in teaching them tricks or new habits since they tend to lose their interest with the task given to them and would rather become affectionate with their owners. The problem is not really them, it’s just that owners more frequently give in once Bichons turns on their charm, well you can’t blame them since they are indeed very adorable. Even if they are very loving and can lose their focus easily still it is not impossible to train them. All you need to do when teaching them is learning how to reinforce their good behavior. If they are able to accomplish something provide them with rewards. The information below will provide you a list of rewards that you can give to them for every good behavior they show.

Taking them for a walk
Taking your dogs for a walk is not more of a reward instead it is more of a necessity. Although, this may not seem a reward nevertheless dogs like Bichons loves strolling around and playing outdoors. If they are able to follow your commands then you can treat them by having more time outdoors. This allows them to do some exercise and at the same time play with other dogs that they come across with in the park. You can also take them in a more spacious area that’s if you want to go all out with them. You can consider taking them in a reservoir or in a new park for them to be one with nature. Undeniably they are fond of seeing new places thus taking them for a walk in a new environment is definitely exciting for them. When putting up their harness it would be best if you will allow them to sit prior doing so. As mentioned earlier Bichons gets easily distracted and so it is vital that you are able to let them do the latter prior taking a walk with them so that they get used to it and they constantly follow your commands.

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